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Interactive learning
for knee biomechanics

kneeMo is an online interactive educational platform for learning knee biomechanics, free for all students & instructors.

Created by designers & researchers at:

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For post-secondary knee biomechanics courses.

This tool is built for post-secondary knee biomechanics instruction. The guided modules & media library cover topics from knee anatomy to common injury mechanisms, & beyond.

Learn concepts in an engaging and deeper way.

Each module is paired with engaging and intuitive illustrations, interactive 3d models and animations designed to promote a multidisciplinary and holistic understanding of concepts.

Build a solid understanding through active learning.

kneeMo is far from reading a textbook or watching a YouTube video. Each module includes interactive visualizations that promote active learning and spark curiosity and discussion.

For Instructors & Students
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For instructors

Biomechanics instructors can integrate kneeMo's modules within their coursework as pre- or post-lecture activities, and use the static & interactive visuals available in the media library to augment their lectures, tutorials, & labs.

For students

If kneeMo is not already a part of your biomechanics course, let your instructor know about this free educational tool! Help yourself and your peers augment your understanding of knee biomechanics in an engaging & interactive way.

Featured modules

Explore the available modules for knee biomechanics below, displayed in order of complexity. Topics include knee anatomy, function, movement, injury, and many more. see all modules


Introduction to

the knee joint

In this introductory module, we will explore the basic anatomy & functions of the knee joint...start module



and function

In this module, we will build a deeper understanding of the knee joint's structure and function...start module




Learn about the relationship between tibiofemoral structure and its complex movement...start module

We are currently working on new modules on topics including common injury mechanisms & orthopaedic treatments!


Have a suggestion for a module or interested in collaborating/contributing?

Please reach out using our contact form.

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