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About kneeMo


kneeMo is an online interactive educational platform for learning knee biomechanics, free for all students & instructors.

Although the knee joint seems rather simple, the underlying biomechanics is highly complex and depends on several structures to ensure proper stability and mobility. Knee biomechanics is regarded as a challenging subject area to teach and learn as it is highly integrative, spatially demanding, and lacks proper instructional techniques and resources.

kneeMo is strategically designed to address these issues - this platform consolidates cross-disciplinary information and facilitates a holistic understanding of knee biomechanics.

kneeMo is built for post-secondary knee biomechanics courses 

The guided modules & media library cover topics from knee anatomy, to common injury mechanisms, & beyond. Instructors can integrate kneeMo's modules within their coursework, 

and use the static & interactive visuals to augment their lectures, tutorials, & labs.

Learn concepts in an engaging & deeper way

Each module is paired with engaging and intuitive illustrations, interactive models and

animations designed to promote a multidisciplinary and holistic understanding of concepts.

True understanding comes from active learning

kneeMo is far from reading a textbook or watching a YouTube video. The guided modules include

interactive visualizations that promote active learning and spark curiosity and discussion.

Ultimately, kneeMo will enable future professionals (ex. surgeons, engineers, physical therapists, etc.) to gain a better understanding of knee biomechanics and improve injury management, treatment, & prevention options as well as augment athletic performance. 

About the Team

Design & Development

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Shehryar (Shay) Saharan
B.Eng, MScBMC Candidate

Designer, Developer & Researcher

Design & Development, from ideation to production (& everything in between).

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Advisory Committee

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Michael Corrin

Faculty Advisor (Biocommunications)

Provide guidance on the visualization & interaction design of the project.

see website >

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Timothy Burkhart

Faculty Advisor (Biomechanics)

Provide guidance on the accuracy of the written and visual content of the project.

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Special Thanks to:

Derek Ng (Biomedical Communications Professor, University of Toronto), Jodie Jenkinson (Biomedical Communications Director, University of Toronto), Shehroze Saharan (Masters of Information student, University of Toronto), Carol Heck (Lecturer, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto), Michie Wu (MScBMC Graduate, University of Toronto), Amy Zhang (MScBMC Graduate, University of Toronto), Nadine Tan (MScBMC Student, University of Toronto), Amy Jiao (MScBMC Student, University of Toronto), Michele Oliver (Biomedical Engineering Professor, University of Guelph), Scott Brandon (Biomedical Engineering Professor, University of Guelph), and Stephen Brown (Kinetics & Biomechanics Professor, University of Guelph)

kneeMo is supported by:

Biomedical Communications_edited_edited.
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University of Toronto Kinesiology & Phys

We are currently working on new modules on topics including common injury mechanisms & orthopaedic treatments!


Have a suggestion for a module or interested in collaborating/contributing?

Please reach out using our contact form.

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