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Explore the available modules for knee biomechanics below, displayed in order of complexity. Topics include knee anatomy, function, movement, injury, and many more.

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Gaining a foundational understanding of the knee joint

In order to appreciate the complex movement of the knee joint, it is critical to first understand its equally complex structure and function.

Note: It is recommended that you complete Modules 1 & 2 before diving into the more complex modules.

Module 1 • 20 min

Introduction to

the knee joint

In this introductory module, we will explore the basic anatomy & functions of the knee joint.


Module 2 • 50 min


and function

In this module, we will build a deeper understanding of the knee joint's structure and function.


Appreciating the complexity of knee joint movement

By now, you know that the knee is far more than a simple hinge joint. In this section, we will explore the role of anatomical structure and its impact on knee joint movement.

Module 3 • 25 min

Tibiofemoral movement

Learn about the relationship between tibiofemoral structure and its complex movement.


We are currently working on new modules on topics including common injury mechanisms & orthopaedic treatments!


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